Green Millet Bajra

Green Millet Bajra

Eros Agro: Delivering Supreme Quality Green Millet Bajra Globally!

Indulge in the richness of nutrition and taste with Eros Agro your premier exporter of supreme quality Green Millet Bajra. Our hygienically packed Bajra grains are fresh odourless and ready for direct use. We ensure they are free from dirt stones and weevils having been meticulously cleaned and assorted before packing.

Botanical Excellence

Scientifically known as Pennisetum glaucum and belonging to the Poaceae family Green Millet Bajra is also called Pearl Millet. These tiny small brownish-green grains have a distinctive taste and flavor that delivers optimal nutrition.

African Delight

Green Millet Bajra or Pearl Millet is a staple in most African countries. With a rich history these grains have been a dietary mainstay since ancient times particularly in Rajasthan India where they are native.

Hygienic Purity

Eros Agro takes pride in delivering Bajra grains that meet the highest standards of hygiene. Our millet is odorless fresh and suitable for direct use. We ensure the grains are free from impurities making them a reliable choice for your culinary creations.

Culinary Staple

Green Millet Bajra is not just a nutritious choice but a culinary staple. Its distinctive taste and flavor make it a versatile ingredient for various dishes adding both nutritional value and a unique touch to your meals.

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For supreme quality Green Millet Bajra that enriches your culinary experiences choose Eros Agro. Contact us at +91 9914826464 and let our carefully processed and hygienically packed Bajra grains become a preferred choice in your kitchen. Embrace the richness of nutrition and flavor with Eros Agro!