Blended Spices

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Black Pepper Powder

We are the exporter of India’s own harvesting product- the best quality of Black Pepper powder. Invite the wellness pack. Black pepper powder is known widely today globally for its pungency, distinct aroma and as a HEAT ingredient. It’s a noble Indian spice with excellent taste, relishing flavor, superb aroma and health benefits. Black pepper powder is used in cooking and garnishing in cuisines around the world.
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Chilli Flakes

We are the exporter of fresh Indian red chilli flakes of best quality. They are packed in tamper proof container so that the freshness is totally sealed. Its also known as “PAPRIKA”, It is prepared from mild red chili pepper, its flavor ranges from Hot to Mild, Paprika is equally valued for its taste and its bright red colour, derived from capsanthin.
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Cumin Coriander Powder

We are the exporter of Cumin-Coriander powder. It serves one of the richly blended powders with freshness and purity. Cumin-Coriander powder is yet another choice for Indian cuisines. In fact it is mandatory Ingredient to prepare flavorful and richly aromatic delicacies.
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Curry Powder/Garam Masala

Curry powder is a blend of ground spices used to flavor curry dishes. It typically includes a mix of Indian and Southeast Asian spices such as turmeric, cumin, coriander, and cardamom, but can vary depending on the specific recipe or brand.
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Red Chilli Powder

Red Chilli powder is commonly known as “lal mirch powder” and it is one of the key ingredients in the preparation of Indian cuisines. It is one of the main members of spice catalogue because Indians dishes are said to be incomplete without the flavor of Red chilli powder.
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Turmeric Powder

We are the exporter of selectively chosen turmeric root Fingers that can be blended with technology and machineries to make finest turmeric powder. We strive to keep the natural aroma and purity as it is when doing the process. It is packed carefully to maintain its rich properties.