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Bay Leafs

We are the exporter of top grade Bay Leaves. They are sold as dried whole leaf. We have a selection of quality Bay leaves packed under hygienic condition. The aroma of Bay leaves spread upon opening the pack and satiates the end user. The botanical name of Bay leaf is Laurus nobilis and it belongs to Lauraceae Family.
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We are the exporter of Chickpea/Kabuli Chana globally. The beans are assorted well, cleaned and hygienically packed. Chickpea has nutritive values & rich in protein and fiber as well, which well maintained while mechinally processing to sort the best chickpea to serve best of it. The botanical name of Chickpea/ Kabuli chana is Cicer arietinum-garbanzo and it belongs to Fabaceae Family. They are considered as legumes.
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Green Millet Bajra

We are the exporter of supreme quality Green Millet Bajra. The finest millet barja delivered are fresh, odorless and suitable for use directly. Our hygienically packed Bajra grains are free from dirt,stones & weevils. They are cleaned and assorted well before packing. The botanical name of Green Millet Bajra is Pennisetum glaucam and it belongs to Poaceae Family.
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Moringa Seeds/Leafs/Powder

We are the processor and exporter of supreme quality of Moringa seeds, Moringa Powder & its oil. Moringa seed is an important part of Moringa tree, because it contain large amount of protein and iron in it. Moringa seed is present inside the Moringa Pods. Moringa seed is like round shaped. From one Moringa pods we can get more than 5 number of seeds. We Process and supply multi grade/variety like pkm-1 moringa cultivation seeds, pkm-2 cultivation seeds, km-1 seeds, moringa traditional seeds, moringa oil seeds, moringa medicinal seeds, moringa pharma grade seeds.
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Psyllum Husk & Powder

We are the exporter of Psyllum Husk. We provide husk fiber globally keeping its freshness and goodness intact. The botanical name of Psyllum husk is Plantago Scraba. It is a member of a plant name Plantago. It is commonly known as isabgol. Psyllum Husk is the outer portion of the seed of the plant. It is extremely hygroscopic hence it can absorb water much more than its weight.