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Eros Agro specialises in providing top-tier Moringa seeds an essential component of the Moringa tree renowned for its rich protein and iron content. Housed within the round-shaped Moringa Pods each pod yields more than five seeds. Our offerings include multi-grade varieties such as pkm-1 and pkm-2 Moringa cultivation seeds km-1 seeds traditional Moringa seeds Moringa oil seeds and medicinal and pharma-grade Moringa seeds.

Botanical Excellence:

Scientifically identified as Moringa oleifera this extraordinary plant is the sole genus in the Moringaceae plant family. Widely cultivated in southwestern India every part of the Moringa plant finds applications in various sectors including food personal and health care agriculture dye production water purification and more.

Nutrient-Rich Marvel:

Moringa oleifera stands as a significant and high-valued source of essential nutrients including vitamin-B vitamin-C provitamin-A (beta-carotene) vitamin-K proteins and more. The greenish leaves reminiscent of spinach enhance various dishes soups and sauces either cooked or in powdered form.

Versatile Applications:

The immature seed pods also known as Drumsticks are a culinary delight in South Asian dishes parboiled and cooked in curries. The seeds resembling roasted peanuts peas and nuts boast high levels of vitamin-C and vitamin-B. Furthermore the seeds yield oil known as Ben oil with around 40% oil content prized for its higher concentration of behenic acid. The refined oil clear and odorless is a versatile edible oil.

Medicinal Potential:

While traditional medicine has suggested the medicinal value of Moringa oleifera ongoing clinical testing is essential to explore and validate its numerous potential health benefits.

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