Psyllium Husk

Psyllium Husk

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Discover the purity and freshness of Psyllium Husk with Eros Agro a leading exporter committed to providing high-quality husk fibre globally. Derived from the outer portion of the Plantago Scraba seed commonly known as isabgol Psyllium Husk is a botanical marvel with exceptional hygroscopic properties capable of absorbing water far beyond its weight.

Botanical Brilliance

Scientifically classified as Plantago Scraba Psyllium Husk belongs to the Plantago family. Originally from the Mediterranean region it is now cultivated in North Gujarat West Rajasthan and select states of North India.

Ancient Herb, Modern Benefits:

Psyllium Husk, an age-old herb with roots in ancient times, serves a dual purpose as a natural laxative and antidiarrheal agent. Its remarkable fibrous nature aids in expelling toxins from the intestine and stomach, promoting digestive health. Beyond its traditional uses Psyllium Husk is a top choice for weight control and is even utilised for thickening ice cream.

Hygroscopic Marvel:

The hygroscopic nature of Psyllium Husk sets it apart allowing it to absorb water significantly more than its weight. This characteristic makes it an excellent choice for various applications including its consumption after soaking in water.

Cultivation and Origin

While Psyllium Husk originated in the Mediterranean region its cultivation has expanded to include North Gujarat West Rajasthan and certain states in North India. Eros Agro ensures that the husk fibre is sourced and processed with utmost care preserving its natural goodness and potency.

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