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Peppermint is a perennial herb known for its refreshing aroma and cooling sensation. Widely used in teas, it offers digestive benefits and is a natural remedy for indigestion and upset stomach. Peppermint oil, extracted from its leaves, is used in aromatherapy, personal care products, and as a flavoring agent in food and beverages.
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Indulge in the refreshing allure of Peppermint and the soothing essence of Lavender. Our herbs are meticulously harvested to capture the full spectrum of flavours and aromas, ensuring a culinary experience that invigorates the senses and soothes the soul.
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Moringa Seeds/Leaf/Powder

Eros Agro specialises in providing top-tier Moringa seeds, an essential component of the Moringa tree renowned for its rich protein and iron content. Housed within the round-shaped Moringa Pods, each pod yields more than five seeds. Our offerings include multi-grade varieties such as pkm-1 and pkm-2 Moringa cultivation seeds, km-1 seeds, traditional Moringa seeds, Moringa oil seeds, and medicinal and pharma-grade Moringa seeds.
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Psyllium Husk

At Eros Agro, we offer high-quality Psyllum Husk, the outer portion of the seed of the Plantago Scraba plant, commonly known as isabgol. As a member of the Plantago family, Psyllum Husk is recognized for its extreme hygroscopic nature, enabling it to absorb water well beyond its weight.
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Quinoa Seeds

Eros Agro presents Quinoa seeds, scientifically known as Chenopodium quinoa, hailing from the esteemed Amaranthaceae Family. With origins in Peru, Bolivia, and India, these tiny seeds come in a spectrum of colors, from white to red or black. Pronounced as keen-wah, quinoa seeds are derived from the herbaceous plant cultivated for its nutrient-rich seeds.
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Bay Leaves

Eros Agro takes pride in offering top-grade Bay Leaves, known for their superior quality. Our selection of dried whole leaves is crafted to meet the highest standards, ensuring an aromatic experience that delights every end user.